Retired Employees Association of Orange County

Board Watch Committee

Board Watch Committee Members

Norma Roberts, Chair 
Harvey Schuster

Stephen Schrieber-Smith

Jeannette Tozaki

Carol Wiseman

The purpose of this committee is to protect retiree rights and benefits by reviewing Board of Supervisor’s (BOS) agendas and minutes and to listen to the BOS meetings in order to identify any items that might affect retiree rights or benefits or be of interest to REAOC.

The Board of Supervisors meets twice a month.  All of the information is located on-line at the Board of Supervisors web site.  You can listen to the live BOS meetings on your computer.  If that is not convenient, you can watch the video later when it is posted on line several hours after the end of the meeting.

On Thursday or Friday before the Board meeting, a member reviews the agenda and e-mails the Chair of the Committee with any information relative to retiree rights or benefits or of potential interest to REAOC.  The Chair forwards the information to the REAOC Co-Presidents, including any additional research or information.  After listening to the BOS meeting, the member does a brief report and e-mails it to the Chair with the results of the specific items of interest and any additional pertinent information. It is only necessary to report on items of specific interest to retiree rights or benefits.

These final results are also forwarded to the REAOC Co-Presidents. When the BOS agenda item is critical to retirees’ rights or benefits, the REAOC Co-Presidents may mobilize REAOC members to attend the BOS meeting en masse to demonstrate our unity and express our disagreement.

The committee members work together to develop a monthly calendar, ensuring all BOS hearing dates are covered. If you sign up for a specific date, and you are unable to listen to the meeting, we will work with you to switch dates.  Meetings are scheduled periodically to discuss and improve the process and to plan future hearing date coverage.

Committee Status:  This committee currently needs new members.  If you are interested in serving on this committee, please contact REAOC at and provide us with your name and contact information.  This information will be shared with the committee chair who will contact you.