Retired Employees Association of Orange County

Volunteer Coordinator

The Volunteer Coordinator position is intended to support the volunteer opportunities offered by REAOC.

As our Board of Directors meets, there are times when certain activities are identified as necessary to promote the business of REAOC members.  These activities would be communicated to the Volunteer Coordinator who would seek volunteers to serve on a committee with the intended outcome as its goal.  This could be a time-limited committee or an ongoing committee.

The Volunteer Coordinator could chair the committee or recommend another member to chair or perhaps work with the committee in the beginning and turn it over to the group once the process is in place.  The Volunteer Coordinator would assist in the recruitment of new members of active committees as members leave these committees for various reasons.  This individual would also attend the REAOC Board of Directors meetings to report on volunteer activities.

This is a very exciting opportunity to work with many volunteer retirees and with the Board of Directors.

Please contact the REAOC Executive Director, Ilene Barcenas, at 714-840-3995 or Email Ilene.

Position Status:  This position is currently available.