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Who We Are

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What We Do

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How to Contact Us

P.O. Box 11787
Santa Ana, CA  92711-1787
Phone: 714.840.3995

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The rate charts can be accessed by clicking here.

If you have questions, contact the Benefits Service Center at 1-833-476-2347. Normal hours of operation are Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Pacific Standard Time. 


Every year the Superior Court of Orange County is required by law to empanel a 19-member Grand Jury to serve a one-year term. The Court is seeking qualified and capable individuals, like you, to serve the Orange County community in this unique role for the term that begins July 1, 2024.

This is a wonderful opportunity for O.C. retirees and REAOC members to get a behind-the-scenes look at the workings of local government agencies and recommend areas for improvement. The Grand Jury also decides on indictments for some criminal cases.

Detailed information and the application form are online.  To read more information and to see the timeline, click here.  The flyer lists the qualifications and an overview of duties; it also includes a timeline on the second page with important dates. The current stipend for serving is $50/day, plus mileage and a reserved parking space, as set by the O.C. Board of Supervisors. The Grand Jury meets at the Central Justice Center in Santa Ana.

The application deadline is January 12, 2024. To have an application packet mailed to you, leave your name and address on the Grand Jury Hotline that can be reached at (657) 622-6747. 


Our luncheons are now held at the Elks Lodge located at 1751 South Elks Lane, Santa Ana, CA 92705.  All the luncheons will provide a main dish, a salad with vegetables, rolls and dessert.  Coffee, tea, and ice water will also be served.

The Elks Lodge is next to the OC Credit Union building on St. Andrews Place.  The major cross streets are Grand Avenue and Edinger in Santa Ana. You will find plenty of parking spaces! 

We hope to see you at our next luncheon on January 24, 2024!


If you or someone you know is having trouble paying for healthcare costs, there may be ways to save money on Medicare premiums and other costs. You can get help from your state paying your Medicare premiums. In some cases, Medicare Savings Programs may also pay Medicare Part A (Hospital Insurance) and Medicare Part B (Medical Insurance) deductibles, coinsurance, and copayments if you meet certain conditions. Please click here for additional information.


The settlement became final on September 28, 2023. No appeals were filed of the settlement.

Category A Class Members who elected Option 1 – Premium Refund:
The information in this paragraph only applies to Class Members who elected to surrender their Policies and receive an 80% premium refund (less any benefits received).

The Final Settlement Date was September 28, 2023, which means your CalPERS LTC Policy will be surrendered and you can stop paying premiums as of that date. You will be notified in January 2024 of your final refund amount, but please understand that it will include 80% of all premiums paid to CalPERS (less any benefits received) through the Final Settlement Date. We have been advised by CalPERS that premium payments deducted from Class Members’ pension checks—or that are set up for autopay through their bank accounts—should stop automatically, and any payments deducted after September 27 will be refunded by CalPERS. If you make the payment to CalPERS by check, you should stop sending premium payments.

Class Members who elected Option 1 but recently went On-Claim, applied to go On-Claim, or think they may need to go On-Claim:
If you elected Option 1, but applied to go On-Claim or went On-Claim before September 28, 2023, or believe you may need to go On-Claim before October 28, 2023, then you may qualify for Category I or another process provided for in the Settlement that would allow you to reverse your election. If you are in that situation, please refer to FAQs by clicking here and contact Class Counsel immediately at 1-916-520-6639.

If you have any questions or need further information, please visit the FAQs by clicking here or call 1-866-217-8056 (toll-free).

To learn more about the final CalPERS settlement, click here.


The REAOC Board monthly meetings will continue to be held on the 2nd Wednesday of each month and we will utilize the online Zoom platform.  If you have any issues or questions you would like to have us discuss, please contact the REAOC office at (714) 840-3995.


If you move, get a new or change your e-mail address or telephone or if you have a name change, there are actions that are necessary so that you continue to receive your benefits, newsletters, e-mails, etc.

If any of the above pertains to you, you need to notify REAOC, the Orange County Employees’ Retirement System (OCERS) and the County of Orange Employee Benefits Center with the new information.

To contact REAOC – call (714) 840-3995 or go to to e-mail the new/changed information.

To contact OCERS – call (714) 558-6200 or go to to go to their website and sign-into “MyOCERS” to update your information.

To contact the County of Orange Employee Benefits Services Center – call (833) 476-2347 or to go to the benefits website by contacting My OC Benefits™ directly through IntraOC, or on the internet at

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Public pensions are losing top talent. Isn’t it time to rethink compensation? 

This Governing Workforce article says: “High-profile departures of senior-level executives reflect not only an aging workforce and a more politicized operating environment but also salaries and benefits that need to be competitive with the private sector’s. – – – – – Part of the reason for the turnover is the aging public workforce. The pandemic led many older workers, including those in executive positions, to expedite their retirements and rethink their plans to return to the office. A recent survey by the MissionSquare Research Institute found that 36 percent of HR managers at local government agencies are seeing an increase in retirements this year – – – – – But compensation also plays an important role, as public plans historically have not been able to compete with private-sector salaries, especially for senior leaders and crucial in-house investment positions.” (Read More)

2 California cities among top 10 most expensive in the world, new data shows 

KTLA Channel 5 in Los Angeles reported this one: “According to EIU, two cities are tied for the most expensive places to live: Singapore and Zurich, Switzerland. – – – – – Los Angeles, meanwhile, is sixth on 2023’s list for most expensive cities; the City of Angels has several neighborhoods that require almost a six-figure salary to live comfortably, and new data shows that the median home price in L.A. County has surpassed $900,000. – – – – – L.A. is more expensive than other major cities including Paris, Copenhagen, Tel Aviv and the world’s tenth most expensive city to live in: San Francisco.” (Read More)

Brace for higher electric bills 

“People the pain is real.  If you’re one of the 12 million-plus or so households in California that do not have solar panels — meaning you buy electricity from Southern California Edison, San Diego Gas & Electric, or Pacific Gas & Electric — your bills have essentially doubled over the past decade (has your income?). Electric bills in California are now twice the national average, and a new income-based, fixed service charge means they’re headed even higher for many middle- and upper-income folks.

This time, the 1 million-plus or so rooftop solar households won’t be shielded from their neighbors’ pain.”  Your electric bill will be means tested, meaning what you pay will depend on your income level.  This article by columnist Teri Sforza appeared in several newspapers, including the Daily Bulletin that did not impose a pay wall. (Read More)

Orange County leaders question CARE Court promises 

The Voice of OC reports on some of the realities of “the state’s new push to help homeless and mentally ill people through court-mandated services.”  Issues include the ability of government to force people into treatment, lack of treatment and housing facilities, and “The questions come after signals between local and state officials over just how voluntary CARE Court will be.” (Read More)

The California measure the governor and ‘Legislature’ want to block from the ballot 

KCRA Channel 3 in Sacramento reported: “Within the next several months, the California Supreme Court will decide whether to strip a measure from the state’s 2024 ballot that would make it harder for local and state governments to raise taxes.  The /Taxpayer Protection and Government Accountability Act attempts to give voters more power in the process when state and local leaders raise taxes and fees. The measure requires voters to have final approval on future taxes and fees imposed by state and local governments and would also cancel new taxes and fees imposed starting in 2022 unless approved by voters within a year of the act going into effect. The measure, which is backed by business and taxpayer advocacy groups, gathered enough signatures and became eligible for the 2024 ballot early last year. According to the Secretary of State’s office, the measure gathered 1,075,585 valid signatures. The state’s highest court agreed to make the consideration after the governor and Democratic legislative leaders in September urged the court to immediately remove it from the ballot before voters have a chance to decide. They argued it could hamper state and local government’s ability to pay for key services provided to taxpayers, from trash collection to public safety.” (Read More)

Former speaker Kevin McCarthy will retire from Congress at end of year

The Washington Post reported: “I have decided to depart the House at the end of this year to serve America in new ways,” McCarthy said in a Wall Street Journal op-ed. “I know my work is only getting started.”  (Editor’s Alert – This article has a pay wall limiting access to paying subscribers only.) (Read More)


Man and Woman TalkingWHY
REAOC luncheons are held for the purpose of bringing Orange County retirees together for an afternoon of camaraderie, entertainment, and information. Friends and family are always welcome! Each luncheon features a different theme, with door prizes, and special gifts. As an added bonus, there is a valuable Progressive Drawing. They also serve as a general meeting for the membership.


Please note that we have a new venue for our REAOC luncheons.  We will hold our luncheons at the new Elks Lodge in Santa Ana!  The Elks Lodge is located at 1751 South Elks Lane, Santa Ana, CA 92705. All the luncheons will provide a main dish, a salad with vegetables, rolls and dessert.  Coffee, tea, and ice water will also be available.

The Elks Lodge is right next to the OC Credit Union building on St. Andrews Place. You will find plenty of parking spaces!  Attend and have fun visiting with your friends and guests at the Elks Lodge.   Please see your upcoming Informer newsletter for additional information.

For directions, see map below showing where the Facility is located. Please DO NOT call the Facility to make reservations. Reservations are made by sending in the reservation form in The Informer or by calling the REAOC office at (714) 840-3995.


For 2024, the luncheons will be held on Wednesdays on the dates listed below:

January 24, 2024

March 27, 2024

May 22, 2024

September 25, 2024

December 4, 2024

To ensure a parking spot please arrive by 11 a.m. Please carpool if possible.

We hope to see you at the REAOC luncheon!


Cost for the luncheon is $17.00 per person. A reservation form is provided in The Informer (on the current Luncheon page), in the “Forms” section of the REAOC web site or you may email the REAOC office of your request ( Please note, as reported in the December 2023 Informer newsletter, the cost of the luncheons will be raised to $20.00 effective with the March 27, 2024 luncheon.

Reservations for the January 24, 2024 luncheon must be received by no later than January 17, 2024.


The Board of Supervisors approved the new Health Care Plans and Rate for 2024 at the Board meeting on July 18, 2023.  The rate charts can be accessed by clicking here.


The County of Orange Board of Supervisors approved the new rates for the retiree health plans for 2023 at their meeting on July 19, 2022. The rate charts may be seen below.

Click here for the PPO rate charts (Wellwise and Sharewell)

Click here for the HMO rate charts (Kaiser, Scan and Blue Cross)


Call the My OC Benefits™ Line toll-free at (833) 476-2347 or they may be reached at


For information about the supplemental insurance including dental and vision coverage, please click on the link below. 

Supplemental Insurance Benefits

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