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The County Employee Benefits has announced that Open Enrollment will be from Wednesday, October 20, 2021, to Tuesday, November 9, 2021. Elections made during Open Enrollment are effective January 1, 2022.  If you missed the on-line Open Enrollment meeting, the County Employee Benefits staff has provided the meeting presentations.  Click here to review the presentations.

Mark your calendars with the important dates below.  Please remember that any questions you may have regarding your County Health Plans or the presentation referenced above, you will need to contact My OC Benefits™ at or (833) 476-2347.

Open Enrollment Postcard

Delivered to your home mailing address mid to late September unless you have selected to have your information emailed to you.

Open Enrollment Virtual Presentation

Tuesday, October 5, 2020 at 9:00 AM


The Virtual Zoom Open Enrollment Presentation will start start at 9:00 a.m. REAOC, Employee Benefits, and the County health plans will be available to share Open Enrollment news and you will have the opportunity to visit each health plan, ask questions and get answers.  Click here for the link you will use on Tuesday, October 5th  to participate in the virtual Zoom meeting.

Open Enrollment Newsletter


Delivered to your home mailing address early October unless you have selected to have your information emailed to you.

Prepare to Make Your Benefit Choices page!


Wednesday, October 13 – on this date you may sign onto My OC Benefits ( to view your 2021 grant amount.


First day of Open Enrollment


Wednesday, October 20

Last day of Open Enrollment


Tuesday, November 9


Correction period

Wednesday, November 10 through Friday, November 19


The County of Orange Board of Supervisors approved the new rates for the retiree health plans for 2022 at their meeting on July 13, 2021. The rate charts may be seen below.

Click here for the PPO rate charts (Wellwise and Sharewell)

Click here for the HMO rate charts (Kaiser, Scan and Blue Cross)


Every year the Superior Court of Orange County is required by law to empanel a 19-member Grand Jury to serve a one-year term. The Court is seeking qualified and capable individuals, like you, to serve the Orange County community in this unique role for the term that begins July 1, 2022.  Click here to see the recruitment flyer.

This is a wonderful opportunity for O.C. retirees and REAOC members to get a behind-the-scenes look at the workings of local government agencies and recommend areas for improvement. The Grand Jury also decides on indictments for some criminal cases.

Detailed information and the application form are online.  Click here to access their website. The Grand Jury meets at the Central Justice Center in Santa Ana.  The Grand Jury Hotline number is: (657) -622-6747


If you or someone you know is having trouble paying for healthcare costs, there may be ways to save money on Medicare premiums and other costs. You can get help from your state paying your Medicare premiums. In some cases, Medicare Savings Programs may also pay Medicare Part A (Hospital Insurance) and  Medicare Part B (Medical Insurance)  deductibles, coinsurance, and copayments if you meet certain conditions. Please click here for additional information.


The Orange County Employees Retirement Association (OCERS) posted an update of the status of developing policies for the implementation of the California Supreme Court decision of last year in what is called the Alameda Decision. That decision solidifies the interpretation of the California Public Employee Pension Reform Act of 2012 (PEPRA) that made significant pension policy changes, including what compensation is and is not pensionable, thereby potentially impacting those who retired after 2012.  Click here to read the latest updates from OCERS.


After you get your COVID-19 vaccine, keep your vaccination card safe — scammers are using the COVID-19 pandemic to try to steal your personal information.

Don’t share a photo of your COVID-19 vaccination card online or on social media. Scammers can use content you post, like your date of birth, health care details, or other personal information to steal your identity.

To read additional information about COVID scams, click Protect Yourself.

You should get a COVID-19 vaccination card at your first vaccine appointment. If you didn’t, contact the provider site where you got vaccinated or your state health department to find out how to get a card.

If someone contacts you to buy or sell a vaccination card, it’s a scam.

If you suspect COVID-19 health care fraud, report it online at US Department of Health and Human Services, the Office of the Inspector General or call 800-HHS-TIPS (800-447-8477). TTY users can call 1-800-377-4950.

I have lost my vaccination card, what should I do?
Please click on this link to learn what to do.
What if you need assistance with funeral expenses due to a Covid death?
The Federal Emergency Management Agency can provide funeral assistance of up to $9,000 for deaths that have occurred as a result of COVID19. To learn more, please call (844) 684-6333 or click here for additional information.


The County of Orange Health Care Agency has continued to update their  web site titled Covid-19 Vaccine Resources to keep the public informed.  Please click here to read more. 


The REAOC Board will continue to meet on a monthly basis although we will follow the CDC guidelines and not meet in person.  Our Board meetings will continue to be held on the 2nd Wednesday of each month and we will utilize the online Zoom platform.  If you have any issues or questions you would like to have us discuss, please contact the REAOC office at (714) 840-3995.


If you move, get a new or change your e-mail address or telephone or if you have a name change, there are actions that are necessary so that you continue to receive your benefits, newsletters, e-mails, etc.

If any of the above pertains to you, you need to notify REAOC, the Orange County Employees’ Retirement System (OCERS) and the County of Orange Employee Benefits Center with the new information.

To contact REAOC – call (714) 840-3995 or go to to e-mail the new/changed information.

To contact OCERS – call (714) 558-6200 or go to to go to their website and sign-into “MyOCERS” to update your information.

To contact the County of Orange Employee Benefits Services Center – call (833) 476-2347 or to go to the benefits website by contacting My OC Benefits™ directly through IntraOC, or on the internet at

Click here to read the latest Informer newsletter.
Click here to read the latest CRCEA Intercom newsletter.



Social Security benefits will rise 5.9% next year, biggest increase in decades as inflation jumps 

The good news as reported by the Mercury News is that there will be a 5.9% rise in Social Security benefits next year.  The bad news is this increase is because of significant inflation in the cost of goods and services in the last year, so this will just keep Social Security recipients up with inflation. And by the way there is considerable media reports forecasting shortages of goods, including oil and natural gas, is expected to continue the growth of inflation going forward so this 5.9% boost is not going to mean people can improve their financial standing in relation to what it costs to live. (Read More)

“Massive” OC oil spill turns out to be not so massive 

After initial reports that the oil spill off Huntington Beach was as much as 165,000 gallons with blazing headlines calling it massive, the Orange County Register reported on Thursday “The oil spill that closed Orange County beaches earlier this month was likely around 25,000 gallons, on the low end of early estimates, U.S Coast Guard officials said Thursday.”  As can be seen in this Register photo it created quite a mess in places regardless of its real size. (Read More)

Kaiser workers vote to authorize strike at Southern California hospitals, clinics 

According to the Los Angeles Daily News on Monday “Nearly 21,000 Kaiser Permanente nurses and other healthcare workers who say they’re understaffed and facing a new pay system at Kaiser’s Southern California hospitals and clinics have voted to authorize a strike against the healthcare giant.  The nurses, pharmacists, midwives, physical therapists, and others are represented by United Nurses Associations of California/Union of Health Care Professionals. They voted Oct. 1-10 with 96% in favor of a walkout.” (Read More)

What to consider when looking to downsize into a retirement village 

This Orange County Register provides a column by Helen Dennis in which she addresses this reader question:   My husband and I are in our late 60s and want to downsize from our large home. Fortunately, we are healthy and active. We are trying to decide if we want to move to a retirement community where one lives independently with those of similar ages or to a retirement community that is more diverse. What should we be considering? (Read More)


Man and Woman TalkingWHY
REAOC luncheons are held for the purpose of bringing Orange County retirees together for an afternoon of camaraderie, entertainment, and information. Friends and family are always welcome! Each luncheon features a different theme, with door prizes, and special gifts. As an added bonus, there is a valuable Progressive Drawing. They also serve as a general meeting for the membership.


The  Mile Square Park Banquet Facility located at 10401 Warner Ave., Fountain Valley, California, 92708. For directions, call the Mile Square Banquet Facility at (714) 962-5541 or see map below showing where the  Facility is located. Please DO NOT call the Facility to make reservations. Reservations are made by sending in the reservation form in The Informer or by calling the REAOC office at (714) 840-3995.


Luncheons are held the 4th Wednesday of January, March, May and September, and on the first Wednesday of December at Noon. To ensure a parking spot please arrive by 11 a.m.  Please carpool if possible as the parking lot at this facility can be quite busy.

Please Note:  The Fountain Valley and Hemet luncheons have been cancelled.  In light of the unknown facts and drivers surrounding the Coronavirus REAOC strongly believes caution is of utmost importance when it comes to the health of our membership. This is a challenging time for us all.  Being mindful of recommendations by health experts to avoid crowds, the REAOC Board of Directors unanimously agreed that cancelling the upcoming luncheons is the most pro-active, appropriate action to take at this time.  An update will be posted when we can once again hold our luncheons in both Fountain Valley and in Hemet.


Cost for the luncheon is $17.00 per person. A reservation form is provided in The Informer (on the current Luncheon page), in the “Forms” section of the REAOC web site or you may email the REAOC office of your request (


Luncheons in Hemet have been traditionally held on the second Tuesday during the months of February, April, June, October and December.   Attendees arrive around 11:30 a.m. at the First Presbyterian Church in the Fellowship Hall located at 515 E. Kimball Avenue in Hemet and lunch is served between 11:45 and noon. The cost is $9.50 per person.  The Hemet Chapter would like new members and encourages all REAOC members who live in the area or within driving distance to join them for the luncheons.

REAOC’s Hemet Chapter will hold its next luncheon on Tuesday, October 20th at 11:30 AM at the First Presbyterian Church.

Make your reservation for the next luncheon by calling Mary Little at 951-485-7738 or Jane Pabitzky at 951-237-3240 by no later than October 6, 2020.


Below is a map showing the general location of the Mile Square Park Banquet Facility located at 10401 Warner Ave., Fountain Valley, California 92708.

If you need exact directions from your house you can go to MapQuest and click on “driving directions.”




The County of Orange Board of Supervisors approved the new rates for the retiree health plans for 2022 at their meeting on July 13, 2021. The rate charts may be seen below.

Click here for the PPO rate charts (Wellwise and Sharewell)

Click here for the HMO rate charts (Kaiser, Scan and Blue Cross)


Please click on the links below for the charts provided by the County for the 2021 Health Plan rates:

Click here to see the Sharewell and Wellwise rates.

Click here to see the HMO and PPO rates.

Click here to contact the Orange County Employee Benefits Resource Center – My OC Benefits™    


Call the My OC Benefits™ Line toll-free at (833) 476-2347 or they may be reached at


For information about the supplemental insurance including dental and vision coverage, please click on the link below. 

Supplemental Insurance Benefits

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