Retired Employees Association of Orange County

What REAOC Does

REAOC is YOUR organization. No other organization represents retirees!

Officers and Directors of REAOC are volunteers and their focus is strictly on behalf of the retiree.

Two Guys Shaking HandsHere’s some of the things REAOC does:

  • Addresses the Board of Supervisors and the OCERS Board to protect and improve benefits for all retirees.
  • Meets with County Departments that influence retiree benefits.
  • Monitors OC Retirement System meetings to insure COLA, STARCOLA, etc. are approved for retirees.
  • Active member of California Retired County Employees Association (CRCEA) which sponsors legislation creating new benefits and protecting existing benefits for the twenty ’37 Act Counties.
  • Publishes the INFORMER newsletter five times per year keeping members informed of activities and news relevant to retirees.
  • Maintains a website providing instant announcements and communications among members.
  • Awards four scholarships per year to student relatives of retirees.
  • Sponsors a fundraiser each year to support Operation Santa Claus and Senior Santa.
  • Hosts five luncheons each year to promote camaraderie and provide valuable information.
  • Makes low cost vision and dental care available to members.
  • Staffs office activities (phone, mail, e-mail) to assist members as needed.
  • Delivers Pre-Retirement planning meetings to introduce potential retirees to the benefits of REAOC co-coordinated with OCERS trainings.
  • Mobilizes retirees as needed to take actions necessary to protect pensions and benefits
  • Offers volunteer opportunities to serve on various committees designed to meet the goals of REAOC
  • Collaborates with the Council on Aging HICAP Program to utilize their resources for our members to assist in the Medicare/Health care process.


  • Successfully won court battle resulting in increased benefits for many from the Ventura Decision.
  • Developed a PPO dental and vision plan for members, facilitated by payroll deduction.
  • Provides its members with options for discount hearing aids.
  • Implemented law that prohibits the County from changing our health care contract without notice.
  • Successfully gained adoption of Second Spouse Legislation by OCERS.
  • Obtained free membership in OCEA permitting REAOC members to participate in OCEA activities.
  • Established an active Board Watch Committee that listens to every Board of Supervisors’ meeting to determine if they have discussed any items pertaining to retirees and/or retiree benefits.
  • Increased REAOC membership to over 6,500 retirees; there is strength in numbers, and we’ll keep trying to increase membership.
  • Assisted dozens of bright, motivated students in their pursuit of their college degrees through the REAOC Scholarship Program grants.
  • Collaborated with CRCEA to focus on advocating for the rights and benefits of retirees for the Act 37 counties rather than a more social focus.
  • Assisted in establishing the Retirement Security Committee within CRCEA to protect the interests of retirees. 

NOTE: REAOC is separate and independent from the Orange County Employees Retirement System (OCERS) and the Orange County Employees Association (OCEA).